Wellness Workshops

Wellness Workshops are interactive programs that are designed to engage, educate, and motivate individuals to incorporate wellness into their lives in all aspects. We provide regular wellness workshops, on a variety of topics on mental health, wellness, addiction, and trauma. With our wellness workshops and trainings, we aim to contribute toward building trauma awareness in the broader mental health culture.


Upcoming Trainings

Tension and Trauma Release Exercise (TRE) Providers’ Training

This training is in affiliation with TRE For All. It is designed for professionals who are looking to help individuals dealing with adverse stress and trauma stored in the body using the body's natural healing/tremor mechanism. By releasing stress and healing trauma, individuals connect to their wholeness in a way that improves all areas of their life and their community. Because TRE is a natural response that requires no language, it transcends many barriers and can benefit everyone, making it inclusive for all. Professionals can practice TRE with their clients to provide a safe method to process trauma without going into the narration of it.
Group 9864
Group 9865
Group 9863
Group 9864
Modality: Online
Duration: 3 days, 1pm – 6pm
Investment: $600 USD per Module
Eligibility criteria: Anyone interested in working with individuals with a history of trauma & adversity from a somatic perspective  
Certification: Yes  

Certified Trauma Support Specialist (CTSS)

This training is in affiliation with the Arizona Trauma Institute. It is designed to enhance non- clinical care professionals' knowledge and skills to support the healing process for those they care for, who struggle due to history of trauma and adversity. This training will enhance the skills that are vital and fundamental to effective recovery and resilience of a trauma history.

About the training:

Understanding how to have high quality deliberate relationships with co-workers, clients and your own family.
Improving your ability to respect and believe in others, regardless of their emotion, thinking and behavior.
Increased ability to create a growth oriented environment characterized as nurturing, open, accepting while promoting high ethical standards.
More focus on managing one’s self than trying to control others.
Greater ability to encourage and empower others to live their values and have integrity.
Group 9862
Group 9865
Group 9863
Group 9864
Modality: Hybrid (Online and In-Person at Trauma Release & Wellness Centre)  
Duration: 2 days, 10am – 5pm
Investment: PKR 30,000/- 
Discounts: Early Bird (25,000/-, valid till the 17th of November)  
Eligibility criteria: Anyone interested in working with individuals with a history of trauma & adversity  
Certification: Yes  

Senior Leads Training

Our upcoming Senior Leads training is an international training taking place in October. This training offers practical ways of supporting children/teenagers whose learning is interrupted by trauma or mental health problems and whose troubled behavior may have become a barrier to learning for other pupils. This training is in partnership with Trauma-Informed Schools UK – for teachers and staff who aim to build a safer and inclusive school environment.

Workshop Outline:

Supporting students for whom trauma and mental health concerns present a barrier in their learning process.

Learn what trauma and mental health-informed schools do and how they can save time, money,
improve behavior and learning, lower exclusions and reduce staff absence

Learn about the common trajectory from unprocessed traumatic grief to violence and often exclusion. Gain ways to support staff to interrupt this trajectory.

Group 9862
Group 9865
Group 9863
Group 9864
Modality: Hybrid(In-Person Broadcasted at Trauma Release & Wellness Centre, as well Online)   
Duration: 2 days, 12pm – 6:30pm
Investment: 120 GBP  
Registration fee: PKR 15,000/-  
Discounts: Group Discount (4 or more individuals; registration fee PKR 10,000/- per participant)
Eligibility criteria: Teachers, school staff, educational stakeholders, educational counselors, and anyone with an interest in Trauma-Informed Schools  
Certification: Yes

Internationally Accredited
Trainings and Workshops

A variety of our trainings and workshops are internationally accredited and conducted in collaboration with the Arizona Trauma Institute, as well as Trauma-Informed Schools UK.

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