Our Mission

Trauma Release and Wellness Centre began with the objective of making Pakistan’s corporate culture healthy and wellness-informed. We enable organizations to develop a trauma-informed culture by providing them with corporate training and assisting enterprises in developing policies and practices for a healthy work environment and organizational growth. We provide a one-stop wellness solution by offering tailored courses on areas of interest based on your organization’s needs.

Partners & Collaborators

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How We Do It

Developing a healthy corporate culture: We contribute to the development of a healthy corporate culture where wellness-informed principles are practiced. Our team caters to fostering an environment where employees feel empowered and supported, positively impacting their motivation levels and productivity.

Organization-Wide Survey: Our Organization-Wide Survey is based on the principles and practices of the World Health Organization (WHO) and Trauma Institute International. This survey provides a detailed analysis of your organization and its environment, giving insights into the areas of improvement to enhance corporate culture.

Corporate Events: We offer corporate events such as community drum circles, kundalini yoga, sound bath, and some more, which have been reported to have various health and wellness benefits.

One-stop wellness workshops: We also offer one-stop workshops which are customized according to your organizational requirements. We plan our training and practices based on your organizational interests to cater perfectly to your culture and environment.

Our Stories

Upcoming Events

Tension and Trauma Release Exercise (TRE) Providers’ Training

This training is in affiliation with TRE For All. It is designed for professionals who are looking to help individuals dealing with adverse stress and trauma stored in the body using the body’s natural healing/tremor mechanism. By releasing stress and healing trauma, individuals connect to their wholeness in a way that improves all areas of their life and their community. Because TRE is a natural response that requires no language, it transcends many barriers and can benefit everyone, making it inclusive for all. Professionals can practice TRE with their clients to provide a safe method to process trauma without going into the narration of it.

Certified Trauma Support Specialist (CTSS)

This training is in affiliation with the Arizona Trauma Institute. It is designed to enhance non- clinical care professionals’ knowledge and skills to support the healing process for those they care for, who struggle due to history of trauma and adversity. This training will enhance the skills that are vital and fundamental to effective recovery and resilience of a trauma history.

Senior Leads Training

Our upcoming Senior Leads training is an international training taking place in October. This training offers practical ways of supporting children/teenagers whose learning is interrupted by trauma or mental health problems and whose troubled behavior may have become a barrier to learning for other pupils. This training is in partnership with Trauma-Informed Schools UK – for teachers and staff who aim to build a safer and inclusive school environment.